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Donation Requests

Thank you for your interest.  If you would like for your organization to be considered for a charitable contribution we will need the following information on your organization letterhead.  

  • Official name of organization 

  • What is your organization requesting from the Paul and Lisa DeAngelo Family Foundation

  • What will the donation be used for

  • How many kids does your organization serve and ages

  • Address

  • Non-profit #

  • How will the funds be used

  • Who manages the organization's finances 

  • How many years has your organization been in existence

  • How else do you raise money

  • What league or group does your organization belong to

  • If we donated funds in the past, what were they used for 

  • Where does your group hold your events and at what time of the year 

  • Contact information

Please email your request to the Paul and Lisa DeAngelo Family Foundation at 

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